Thank you for your interest in Turf Care of Texas. We are the exclusive supplier of Floratine Products Group and CTI Tines. Please contact Todd or Dave and we will help you and your course out in anyway we can. Thanks Again!

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Todd Gilmour

Owner, Agronomist


  • Phone: (901) 606-6490
  • Fax: (214) 548-5037
  • Email: toddgolf1@yahoo.com


Dave Gilmore

Sales Consultant


  • Phone: (214)-563-3211
  • Email: dgturf@gmail.com


Mike Painter

Sales Consultant


  • Phone: (806)-777-5712
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Brad Christensen

Sales Consultant


  • Phone: (832)-451-9861
  • Email:bradcgcs@yahoo.com


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